Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hoffman Challenge 2014 doll

It's time to seriously get to work on the Hoffman Challenge doll. Just to explain: Hoffman is a Californian company that makes beautiful fabrics, and every year for the last ~25 years they run a competition. One fabric is chosen, from which a quilt, or an accessory, or a doll have to be made. This is this year's fabric:

It's beautiful, but it took me a long time to settle on an idea for a doll. My initial idea was a voluptious African lady in a traditional style dress with a headscarf:

Then someone said that the fabric screams Japanese, and I thought - yes it does! The graphic pattern on the background parts looks like little umbrellas, and the flowers and butterflies all fit the Japanese theme... But then the large and bright mandala circles were almost impossible for me to place... So I thought: maybe a hippie - a flower child, wearing ripped blue jeans and with these circles decorating the front of the T-shirt? Anyway, all this completely threw me off the African idea (but I am going to use it for a doll later, it just needs a bit more development).
But now  I finally know exactly what I am doing. The main inspiration is Chinese State Circus performances, which we've seen three time and enjoyed immensely! There were girls on unicycles, and also girls on a tight rope with an umbrella. I am going to combine the two images and make a Chinese Circus performer on a unicycle with an umbrella! Here is my inspiration board on Pinterest.

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